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What people are saying about Lesley

I was lucky enough to meet Lesley through her volunteer work at the animal shelter where I work.  She is a true animal lover and it is obvious in her interactions there, often taking on additional shifts to help dogs who are not kenneling well and/or need extra help with training. When I needed to arrange care for my own dog, Lesley was the first person I thought of and I could not be happier with the experience. She gave me frequent updates and sent pictures so I could see him in "real time" enjoying her attention. This was the first time he was alone in the house overnight and she made sure he was all set every evening and there early enough every morning to take care of his needs.  I highly recommend Lesley (and Lucca does, too!) I am so very happy I have found someone who can take care of my furry best friend if I have to go out of town without him.
Ellen D.
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I think very highly of Lesley! She was absolutely wonderful with our hard-to-be-wonderful-with dog. Precious had great difficulty with more than one thing, but that did not matter to Lesley. She knew exactly what to do and how to handle her. She even taught me something! Lesley is extremely good with hard to get along with dogs and help them with their problems.
Darlene C.
"I trust two people to care for my pets when I'm away. Myself...and Lesley Maple... Her care and professionalism is of the highest, family level quality. Lesley truly loves her furry clients. That is made very clear by my pup's smile and tale wag, as if he were trying to tell me she stopped by. <3
Dominic A.
Thank you for my cookies, they were delicious. I need to steal, um, I mean borrow mama's credit card and get some more!
Sami H.
I've worked with Lesley for a couple of years as a fellow volunteer at Dakin. When my boyfriend and I decided to take on a 100 pound 10 month old Rottie as our furkid, my first choice for a dog walker was Lesley. I knew she has what it takes to handle such a massive goofball of a pup! She watched our girl, Missy, while we were on vacation and provided plenty of updates to ensure us that both she and Missy were having a good time together! If you want someone who will show your pet as much love as you do, Lesley is the walker for you!
Jess B.
My name is Hunny. I am black lab rescue and I will be 3 in July. I lived in shelters for the first year of my life so I have a few quirks. The only two people in the world who get me and make me feel safe and loved are my mom and Leslie. Leslie takes care of me when my mom can't. She used to drive me to and from the kennel, and she was always extra careful to buckle me in to keep me safe. I don't have to go the kennel anymore because Leslie comes to my house to take care of me when my mom is away. Leslie takes me for walks, cleans up my poops but the best part is she makes me feel safe and loved when we pass other dogs. She knows a lot about dogs and she understands when I'm super stressed and knows when to take me home so I can calm down. When we get back to my house, I get a treat, and I get to snuggle up real close and hang out with Leslie on the front steps. When it's time for her leave, I hate saying goodbye, but I know she'll be back in a few hours. My mom is very cautious and doesn't give our house to key just anybody. Leslie has a key so she can come and go as needed because both Mom and I trust her completely because she a mature professional. Leslie is always on time for our walks which means I don't have accidents in the house. She takes me out before I go to sleep for the night, and she's always back first thing in the morning. She feeds me breakfast and dinner, gives my medication and makes sure I have fresh water. If Mom goes away for more than a weekend, Leslie and I have sleepovers and she stays in our guest bedroom. This means I get my walks during the day and snuggles all night! With Leslie, I feel safe and well cared for, which is great for me and a relief for my mom. If you need a dog-walker or care-giver, Leslie is your go-to person. She really loves dogs and it shows. Woof.
Hunny D.

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